Dragon's Tooth Golf Club

Summarised Minutes of Committee Meeting


Wednesday 17th January
19:30 hours




Carl Stubbs, Bridget Allen, Terry Goodwin, John McNeil, Scott McCombie, Dave Crilley, Kate Ward, Marilyn MacDonald, Joe Newson, James Young, Callum Young

Graham McGeachan, Kim Topping


James and Callum confirmed that the cost of membership through the club will continue at the reduced rate of £195.  It was agreed that members would pay the club and the club would make one payment to the course in April.  A deadline of 31st March for payment to the club was set. Late payers will need to make their own arrangements with the course as normal. New members will be able to benefit from the reduced rate even if they join after March.

Course Signage
The sign at the hotel/practice area entrance may benefit from an amendment to clearly state it was a golf course.

James and Callum then left the meeting.

Terry provided an update on the club’s finances.  The Senior Open and Daft Golf events made a modest profit.

The costs for Scottish Golf, Northern District, Handicap Master, the website and the insurance are just covered by the current membership cost which can therefore remain at £30.

This provides a combined club and course membership cost for 2018 of £225 for DTGC members.

It was agreed that the 2018 Open shall again be held on the last weekend in July.

Some information on the website has fallen out of date.  This will be addressed prior to the start of the season, with a new fixture list and a current handicap list added.

Some Committee members will have reached the maximum tenure by the time the AGM comes around.  The Constitution does provide for overriding those tenures if it is in the interests of the club and there is sufficient agreement at the AGM.

To be held in mid March, date yet to be identified.

Dave advised that Jonny was doing a lot of arboreal and drainage work around the course, which had made a noticeable improvement. 

Stags Head Trophy
Despite his protests, Dave’s efforts in once again organising the Stags Head Trophy were acknowledged, praised and minuted.

Date of next Meeting

Date - Wednesday 21st February 2018

Time - 1900 hours

Venue - Clubhouse

The meeting closed at 2100 hours