Dragon's Tooth Golf Club

Minutes of Committee Meeting


Friday 25th August
19:00 hours
The Dragon's Tooth Club House


Committee Attendees


Men’s Captain
Ladies Captain
Ladies Vice Captain
Junior Convenor
Greens Convenor
Committee Members

Carl Stubbs
Bridget Allen
Kim Topping
Terry Goodwin
John McNeill
David Crilley
Kate Ward
Joe Newson


Graham McGeachan, Marylin MacDonald.

Minutes of last meeting
Accepted and approved.

  1. Men’s Captain report.
    Carl reported that the Open was a great success, with the course in very good condition.  The hosting of a Seniors Open was proposed for Saturday 9th September 2017, which was met with considerable enthusiasm.  Details of entry fee (£5), prizes (1st – trophy plus £20, 2nd – sleeve of balls) and organisational logistics (mainly Carl) were agreed.

  2. Ladies Captain report.
    Bridget reported that 5 ladies from the club had played in the Open, with a clean sweep of the podium thanks to Kim (1st), Bridget (2nd) and Kate (3rd).  6 players had attended the trip to St. Fillans, which was won by Marylin. 9 players had attended the Comrie trip, which was won by Kim.
  3. Greens Committee report.
    Dave reported that a number of members had observed some of the greens getting smaller, which he had raised with Jonny who agreed to look into the matter.  It was also noted that the bunkers needed more sand.  The frustration of unrepaired pitch marks was discussed, and a suggestion made that reminder signs could be placed at appropriate points for the benefit of the ignorant.  Dave will also look into the cost of sand/seed boxes and tee bins for the tee boxes to see if this is something the Club might reasonably donate to the course.

  4. Secretary – report
    Joe reported that June Murray had enjoyed the Open so much that she had joined the club, and John MacInnes had rejoined for 2017.

  5. Treasurer – report.
    Terry reported that both the adult and junior sections accounts were in good health, and gave an update on anticipated expenditure for the rest of the year (SG Ltd and Scottish North fees still to pay).  Terry then proposed a gift of £50 for Jonny in recognition of his efforts in the run up to the Open, plus a payment of £60 to the Course (the difference between club and non-club player fees), both of which were unanimously approved.  Terry also provided a comprehensive balance sheet for the Open, which revealed a profit of £402.50.  Joe will write a letter of thanks to James and Callum for their help and sponsorship of the Open.  It was agreed that Terry should have access to online banking for the club’s accounts in order to check balances and credits.

    Dave commended Terry for his unsurpassed grasp of sums and the comprehensive paperwork produced for our benefit, a sentiment with which everyone concurred.

  6. Fixture and Handicap Committee report


  7. Any Other Business

    Kate mentioned that many of the Ballachulish Golf Club members had shinty commitments on Saturdays, and if the 2018 Open was held on a Sunday a good number of them would hope to play.

    The disappearance of the Club’s comments book was raised, and Joe will make enquiries with James Young regarding it’s whereabouts.

    One of the four Longest Drive/Nearest The Pin tee signs is still missing, and Dave will commence an investigation to find it.
  8. Date of next Meeting

    Date - Thursday 7th September 2017

    Time - 1900 hours

    Venue - Clubhouse

  9. The meeting closed at 20:15 hours